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The responsible management of chemical inputs into consumer product supply chains is a key priority for many brands and retailers.

There are many advantages to controlling input chemistry notably the health and wellbeing of the engaged workforce, protection of the environment in terms of air emissions and waste water discharge, in addition to the positive impacts on both consumer safety and the circular economy. However, global supply chains are often complex with multiple tiers of stakeholders, and positive change requires action from the entire value chain.

However, global supply chains are often complex with multiple tiers of stakeholders, and positive change requires action from the entire value chain.


The Chem-Map family of services

The Chem-MAP family developed by Eurofins | BLC, consists of c-MAP, b-MAP and m-MAP. These products provide specific chemical management services for the entire supply chain, from chemical supplier through manufacturing facility to brands and retailers, supporting best practice in terms of end to end supply chain chemical management systems.

c-MAP for chemical companies

For suppliers of chemicals, the c-MAP system offers 3rd party verification to both level 1 and level 3 of the ZDHC MRSL conformance standards, managed via the ZDHC Chemical Gateway. The c-MAP system offers full analytical MRSL testing (all MRSL analytes currently listed) to provide level 1 verification, and additional on-site auditing of the chemical manufacturer to provide level 3 verification.

Watch this short video to find out how Chem-MAP works:

m-MAP for manufacturers

The application of m-MAP tools will support the implementation of a chemical management system (CMS) at a facility level. The Chem-MAP approved Manufacturer programme provides the building blocks of a best practice system that deals with all areas of chemical management including procurement practices, supplier management, storage and use, disposal, air emissions and effluent treatment. Successful implementation of the programme leads to a m-MAP award for the manufacturer. The m-MAP system also supports capacity building through the provision of e-learning training modules and awards through the Chem-MAP Approved Technician (CAT) programme. The m-MAP system also rewards facilities for the use of verified MRSL compliant chemical formulations.

b-MAP for brands and retailers

The b-MAP system supports brands and retailers with chemical management within their material and product supply chains and encourages the development of responsible chemical management practices. The programme is based on an assessment of progress against industry best practice milestones, offering e-learning modules to support capacity building within brands.

Completion of the b-MAP programme will result in a scorecard and development framework.

MRSL testing

For those that are more advanced and just want to test their chemical products for MRSL compliance Eurofins | BLC also offer stand alone MRSL testing as well as the more conventional RSL and chemical testing services.

Start your journey to responsible chemical management with Chem-MAP

For more information on how Chem-MAP can benefit your business and support the development of responsible chemical management in your supply chain contact the Chem-MAP Team today on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone + 44 (0) 1604 679999 to discuss or visit

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